Email Assistant, Scan to Pay, and More - August 2023

Email Assistant

Weave’s Email Assistant is an AI-powered feature that quickly composes well-written emails and creative subject lines, boosting confidence in email marketing generation and brand reputation. This allows you to streamline your email marketing management efforts, reclaiming valuable time to invest back into your practice.

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Updated Message Queue Page

Message Queue in the Weave Portal is now equipped with even more features to provide a better understanding of all outbound messaging types. These updates enable you to retrospectively examine the status of messages dating back up to a year. Additionally, you can preview messages scheduled for the next 4 weeks. We've elevated the page with enhanced clickable visuals, along with the inclusion of supplementary messaging data such as Bulk Messages and Review Requests.

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Landscape Mode for iPads in Weave

Enjoy the use of landscape mode in the Weave mobile app when opened on your tablet for easier navigation and typing.

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Weave Insurance Verification Notes & Status Updating

Integrate any manual work you’re performing with insurance into the Weave Insurance Verification workflow by changing the status and adding notes to easily keep track your patient’s information and processes.

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Voicemail Transcription

Access and respond to voicemail messages even faster by using the new voicemail transcription feature, which allows you to read the messages left by your callers.

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Allow Extension Dialing within Your Phone Tree

A new setting within your phone tree allows your callers to dial an extension to reach your team members quickly.

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Scan to Pay

Load a personalized QR code for patients to smoothly make payments from their mobile devices using Scan to Pay on the Weave mobile app.

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Automatic Extension Directories

Yealink desk phones now automatically provision with a list of your office extensions. Simply push the Directory button, click the folder Local Directory, and then click on the new Extensions folder. Non-extension contacts will have their own folder called Contacts.

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