Contact Directories, Kiosk Mode, and Bulk Messaging Enhancements - July 2023

New Contact Directories within the Weave Portal

Create lists of contact information for vendors, labs, and more within the Weave Portal for each of your Yealink phones to access.

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Digital Forms Kiosk Mode Enhancements

Allow customers to self check-in or check them in with their appointment date and time and have them fill out your forms using their personal device or the office tablet with Digital Forms Kiosk Mode.

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Multiple Eaglesoft Medical History Forms 

Offices with Eaglesoft can now upload multiple Medical History forms in Digital Forms. Once synced, they can send the form, just like any other form, to their recipients and write back collected information to the patient record in Eaglesoft.

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Bulk Messaging Feature Enhancements

  • CSV Upload: Build custom lists of recipients using your own data to easily generate reports from your practice management system and apply advanced filters to create highly targeted recipient lists. Conveniently upload your CSV to execute specific targeting strategies tailored to your needs.
  • Saved List & Enhanced Recipient Selection: A clearer flow segregates selected contacts from the entire contact list. Save selected lists, so you no longer need to repeat the same selection process when messaging a particular cohort of recipients multiple times.
  • Filter Enhancements: Significant enhancements made to our filtering options enable users to target recipients based on appointment dates and age with greater ease and precision. To declutter the filter flow, similar filters have been grouped together, making it more intuitive for users to navigate and apply the desired filters.

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Text to Pay in the Mobile App

Our most popular Payments feature is now available in the mobile app! Whether in the office or on the go, now you can use Text to Pay to request payment from your customers.

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Affirm Buy Now, Pay Later

Customers can now choose to pay with Affirm and split the cost of their purchases into manageable installments when paying for services through Weave. This feature has been turned on for all offices with Payments. Some offices may be required to hide Affirm as a payment option and may do this by reviewing their Payment Settings in the Weave Portal.

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Text to Pay Authentication Setting

New Payments setting provides the option to turn off authentication requirements for Text to Pay request attachments, allowing your customers to see invoices and other documents without requiring a birth date.

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