Updates for Online Scheduling, Mobile App, Phone Customizations, and More - June 2023

Online Scheduling for Unify Customers

Allow patients to book appointments at all locations using the same link from your parent Weave location through Online Scheduling for Unify.

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See Payment History in the Mobile App

Access a list of all your created, paid, and unpaid requests within the Weave mobile app. Send reminder texts to any patients that have unpaid balances.

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Change Extensions with Ease

With the newly introduced Extension Renumbering feature in the Weave portal, offices can effortlessly adjust their numbering as they receive new phones and open new offices, streamlining their communication processes and ensuring seamless connectivity across their expanding operations.

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Contact Directory Updates

Unlock the convenience of saving frequently-used contacts directly into your office's Yealink desk phones, allowing effortless access to essential contacts at your fingertips, boosting productivity, and eliminating the need for manual entry or searching through multiple devices.

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Phone Tree Repeat Greeting

Empower patients with an option to repeat your office Phone Tree, enabling them to navigate through important options and information as many times as needed, ensuring clear communication, minimizing frustration, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

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LinkedIn Certifications for Weave 

Are you a Weave power user? Want to find employees who know how to get the most out of Weave? Add the new LinkedIn Certifications to your profile to show you're a Weave expert.

DSN Dermatology Integration

All customers using DSN can now access the full all-in-one communications platform built to work seamlessly with their practice management system.

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