See every form you’ve sent to your customers and if it’s been submitted, expired, completed, and more in the Digital Forms Dashboard.

Digital Forms Dashboard Weave App (beta)

Digital Forms Dashboard Overview

To track which forms have been submitted, select Dashboard in the Digital Forms Dashboard. There are several sections that show where the submission is in the process. See a description of each section by hovering over its name.


Next to the Inbox, you’ll see a number that shows the number of unread submissions. All forms that need your attention will fall into the Inbox. By clicking the dropdown, you’ll see your submissions separated into several categories:

  • Recent: All forms submitted in the last 7 days that need your attention.
  • Needs Review: Form submissions that your provider or admin needs to approve or reject. Only the Forms Providers and Forms Admins can see forms in this section. See your role. Learn more about Provider Review.
  • Sync Manually: Form submissions that you need to sync manually. Also includes submissions approved by your provider or admin. This will only appear for those who have integrated management systems.
  • Retry Sync: Form submissions that failed to sync. Try syncing them again. This will only appear for those who have integrated management systems.


Any form submissions that your provider or forms manager approved or rejected appear in Reviewed.

Click the dropdown to separate the submissions into Approved and Rejected submissions.

Only Forms Providers and Forms Admins can see Submissions that are Reviewed. See your role. Learn more about Provider Review.


Forms that have completed sync (for integrated management systems) or forms that weren’t set to sync and have been viewed.

If your management system integrates with digital forms, the completed forms will be separated into two tabs: With writebacks and Without writebacks. Click between the two at the top of the Completed page.

  • With writebacks: Submissions successfully synced to your management system
  • Without writebacks: Submissions that could not sync die to your Digital Forms writeback settings when the forms were submitted


See all forms that have been sent to your customers, but have not been submitted yet in the Sent section.

Each submission tile includes the amount of time since the form has been sent. Hover over the Sent icon to see the exact date.

You can also see how long ago the link for the form expired. Hover over the Alert Alert icon to see the exact date the form expired.

Note: Forms that are not filled out will expire 1 hour after the scheduled appointment time. If a form is not associated with an appointment, it will expire 15 days after being sent.


All forms, regardless of status, that have been archived appear in the Archived section. They will not be listed anywhere else.

Archive Form Submissions

Old submissions may start to pile up in the Dashboard. You can archive these to make it easy to find the new information coming in.

  1. Open the dashboard18x18.svg Dashboard section in the Digital Forms Dashboard
  2. Click the checkbox next to submissions you would like to archive
  3. Select Archive Selected at the top of the list

You can also archive any submission after clicking into it by selecting the More.svg More icon and Archive.

Remove Submissions from the Archived Section

  1. Click into the desired submission
  2. Selecting the More.svg More icon
  3. Click Unarchive

Digital Forms Indicators

Some indicators will appear across sections of the Digital Forms Dashboard to offer extra information about the submission or contact. These indicators will also be visible next to the contact name within the Blue_Patients.svg Patients or Customers section in the desktop app.

    • Failed Sync (Integrated management systems only): Submission was unable to write back to your management system because of the way contact was created in Weave.
    • CC: The form was submitted for a custom contact that was added directly into Weave
    • CSV: The form was submitted for a custom contact that was imported from a CSV file

You will not be able to see the writeback section on these submissions. You can still download the PDF manually from the Forms Portal to take any necessary actions.

Download a PDF of a Form Submission

  1. Click on the form submission you wish to download in the Inbox
  2. Find the Form heading
  3. Click on the Download.svg Download icon next to the submission name
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