Enable a Scheduled Break on the Desktop App with Main Line & Departments

With main line & departments, you can quickly turn on planned breaks when a team meeting or other closure comes up.

Should I use Voicemail Override or a Scheduled Break?

You can use Voicemail Override (VMO) and Scheduled Breaks to manage times when your office is unable to answer the phone.

Use voicemail override if:

  • You only have one voicemail greeting you would like to use for breaks
  • The break is not regularly scheduled during the week or month
  • The break may not have a set start or end time
  • You do not have Main Line and Departments enabled

Note: You may have a "lunch" or "break" preprogrammed during onboarding or by support even if not on Main Line and Departments. These will not show in the desktop app and are not noted anywhere in the Weave software.

You must remember to turn Voicemail Override on or off. It will not do so automatically. You can still use voicemail override if you do have Main Line and Departments enabled if you feel it fits your situation better.

Learn how to turn on Voicemail Override

Use a scheduled break if:

  • The break happens on a certain day regularly (i.e. every Tuesday, every other Tuesday, the third Tuesday of each month, etc.)
  • You would like your call routing to return to normal automatically after the break
  • You would like a custom message for each regular break
  • You have Main Line and Departments enabled

Enable a Scheduled Break

At the beginning of the week, enable any breaks you may have occurring that don’t happen weekly. The break must already be created in your Call Routing.

  1. Select the Hamburger Menu.svg Menu icon in the top right corner of the desktop app
  2. Click Settings.svg Settings 
  3. Select Office Hours
  4. Choose Main Line or the department you would like to add the break to

    Note: If the break applies to the whole office, you will have to add the break to each department you have.

  5. Select the day you would like to add the break to
  6. Click Add Existing Break at the bottom of the page
  7. Select the break you’d like to add

    Tip: You can see all the information about the break before saving.

  8. Click Next
  9. Click Save at the bottom of the page
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