Examples of Dispute Evidence by Category

Customer Communication

  • Emails 
  • Texts 
  • Letters or written communication 
  • Narratives about recorded conversations
  • Clinical, treatment, service, or other notes that detail conversations with cardholder

Customer Signature 

  • Signed receipts for goods 
  • Signed agreements for service or goods
  • Signed invoices 
  • Signed shipping documents 
  • Signed dispute resolutions 
  • Signed terms 
  • Signed contracts
  • Signed Refund and Cancellation Policy  

Duplicate Charge Documentation 

  • Receipts from other charges
  • Agreements to make multiple payments 
  • Invoice from other charges
  • Narrative to explain why more than one charge


  • Receipt 
  • Signed receipt 
  • Invoice 
  • Billing statement

Refund and Cancellation Policy 

  • Refund policy 
  • Cancellation policy 
  • Picture of your posted refund and/or cancelation policy
  • Link to your refund or cancellation policy and evidence the cardholder was directed there 

Service Documentation 

  • Service agreements
  • X rays 
  • Pictures of completed service 
  • Invoices 
  • Billing statements 
  • Text or emails requesting services or goods
  • History of purchases by the same cardholder (same card)
  • Receipts for goods purchased to complete service
  • Service disclosures 
  • Signed contracts
  • Signed agreements for service 
  • Clinical, treatment, service, or other notes

Shipping Documentation 

  • Shipping invoices 
  • Images of tracking numbers and data 
  • Shipping addresses 
  • Shipping confirmation

Terms Disclosure

  • Signed terms 
  • Terms and conditions that were presented to the cardholder 
  • A link to your terms and conditions and evidence the cardholder was directed there 


  • Narrative 
  • Proof of refund made outside Weave Payments
  • Any other related document 

This is just a general guide and does not include an exhaustive list of evidence you may want to include to counter a dispute. Remember that if you do have multiple documents or images to include in a single category, you should combine them into a single PDF. You can use Microsoft Word or Adobe to do this easily or many other softwares.

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