Duplicate Forms, Sections, or Fields within Digital Forms

Easily duplicate forms, sections, or fields with Digital Forms Cloning. 

You must have the user role of Super Admin or Forms Manager to access this feature. See your role.

Duplicate a Form (Within the Same Location)

  1. Select Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder in the Digital Forms Dashboard
  2. Make sure you are in the Forms section
  3. Find the form you would like to duplicate
  4. Click the More.svg More icon in the top right corner
  5. Select Copy Form 
  6. Type the name of the duplicated form into the pop-up
  7. Click Copy

Duplicate Forms Across Locations (Unify Only)

Unify is a specific package for multi offices and may not be a part of your current Weave software.

  1. Check the box next to the forms you would like to duplicate within the Forms Builder
  2. Click Clone Selected on the top of the screen
  3. Select the location(s) where you would duplicated form to appear
  4. Type Clone Forms to confirm the action
  5. Click Clone 

Note: Cloning cannot be undone once completed. To remove a duplicated form you will need to Trash.svg Delete the form 

Once completed, you can view and edit the duplicated form in your location(s). To edit the forms please refer to the Weave Help article Create or Edit a Form

Duplicate a Section

  1. Within the Form Editor, hover over the header of the section you would like to duplicate
  2. Click the Copy.svg Copy icon 

The duplicated section will appear below the original section. Any primary fields will not be copied with the section, because they can only be used once in a form.

Duplicate a Field

  1. Within the Form Editor, find the field you would like to duplicate
  2. Click the Copy.svg Copy icon
  3. Select Duplicate in the pop-up box
    • If you select Don't ask me again until the next session, the pop-up box will not appear until you log in to Digital Forms again.

You cannot copy a primary field because each can only be used once in a form.

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