Ensure customers are being answered by using analytics to understand when messages are most likely to be received, what type of messages are being sent, and how many patients or non-patients are messaging your office.

You must have the user role of Super Admin or Data Analyst to access this feature. See your role.


To access messaging analytics: 

Weave Portal Weave App (beta)
  1. Sign into the Weave Portal
  2. Select Analytics.svg Analytics from the left navigation menu
  3. Click Messaging

You will be redirected to the Weave app (beta).

Use the buttons in the top right corner to choose either the Table or Charts view

Each view contains different information:

Table View Charts View

Here you can see the following information for each call to your office:

  • Location: Name of the location
  • Sender Number: Number of the sender. It can be both office or contact
  • Receiver Number: Name of the receiver. It can be both office or contact
  • SMS Type: Direction of the message. Incoming vs Outgoing
  • Message Category: Category of the message sent or received. Incoming messages have are marked as “NA” 
  • Source Type: Phone numbers present in your management system are marked as “Current Patient.” Others are “Unknown”
  • Sender Name: Name of the sender. It can be either office or contact depending upon the direction of the message
  • Receiver Name: Name of the receiver. It can be either office or contact depending upon the direction of the message
  • Patient Name: Name of the patient stored in your management system
  • Status: Current status of the message. (This can change over time)
  • Status Details: Error status or reason when a message fails
  • Content Type: Tells whether the message is SMS or MMS
  • Message Created By: Weave user who created the message in the office
  • Date/Time: Date and time when the message was created. (The location's local time zone)
  • Message Details: Exact message which was sent or received. Hover over to view the entire message

Using Filters

Weave Portal Weave App (beta)

At the top of each view, you can use the following dropdown filters to narrow the messaging data:

  • Location
  • Time period: yesterday, last 7 days, or last 14 days
  • Specific time period: choose a start and end date

Download CSV Report 

Keep your messaging analytics by downloading a CSV of the data with the filters you’ve applied.

  1. Choose Table View
  2. Click on the Download.svg Download icon in the top right corner of the page
  3. Find the document in your downloaded files 

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