Create Bulk Messages to send a text to many patients or customers at once. Compose Bulk Messages at any time and then conveniently schedule it to send at the right time for your customers.

Bulk Messaging is regulated through message allotments determined by the bundle your office is paying for: 500 (Essential), 1500 (Pro), or 3000 (Elite) text messages per month. Add 10,000 or 15,000 more messages to your bundle by accessing Subscriptions in the Weave Portal.

Get Started with Bulk Messaging

  • No long-term contract or variable costs
  • Sign up by clicking Subscriptions and Add next to Bulk Messaging in the Weave Portal

Learn More, See Pricing, and Sign Up in the Subscriptions section of Weave Portal for single locations. If you have multiple locations, reach out to your sales contact. 

This product is only available to U.S. customers.

You must have the user role of Super Admin to access this feature. See your role.


  1. Open the Weave Portal and select Message.svg Messaging from the left navigation bar
  2. Select Bulk Messaging from the Carrot_Down.svg dropdown menu
  3. Click the New Bulk Message button in the upper right-hand corner to start your new Message
  4. Complete the required fields below
  5. Bulk Message Title (required): Give this Bulk Message a name that helps you easily identify it
  6. Send Date (required): Enter the date and time you would like the Bulk message to send on or begin to send
    • You can either Send Entire Bulk at Once or Send a set amount of Messages Per Day. If Send a set amount of Messages Per Day is chosen the days of the week you desire the bulk message to send on must be selected.

      Tip: If you send a bulk message, you may have a flood of responses that can be difficult to manage. Spreading out the message volume over several days helps your office manage the increase in patient responses and minimizes the need to recreate the same message. 

  7. Add Recipients (required) 
  8. Click the Plus.svg Add Recipients
  9. Either check the box next to the contacts you would like to add under the All Contacts tab or check the box next to a presaved list under the Bulk Messaging Lists tab. If the contacts you individually add are used often in bulk messaging, click Save List above your chosen contacts to create a Bulk Messaging List
    • You can filter your lists by using the Filter-Alt.svg Filter Contacts icon or Upload a CSV (see instructions below)

      Note: Only 5000 recipients can be selected per bulk message.

  10. Complete the Body Text (required)
    • Dynamic Fields can be placed in the bulk message to have Weave auto-fill that Information, such as First Name and Last Name. 

      Note: There is a character limit of 133 characters. You may go over this limit but please know that each recipient will use more than one message from the monthly allotment

  11.  Check the Legal box (required) 
    • The legal checkbox is required for every send. Your office needs to have additional consent for any marketing or promotional messages. It is up to your office to follow the TCPA and CTIA guidelines.
  12. Click Send Message or Save as Draft 

Filter Options

When you add recipients, you can use many different filters to find your contacts. Click the toggle on next to the following filters you would like to use:

Appointment Details 

  • Appointment Date Range (All, Next Appointment, Last Seen, or No Appointment)
  • Appointment Type
  • Appointment Status

Recall Details

  • Recall Status 
  • Recall Date Range

You can also filter by: 

  • Insurance Type
  • Recipient Status 
  • Service Provider 
  • Last Received Bulk Message 
  • Minimum or Maximum Age 
  • Provider Location

Click Apply Filters at the bottom of the page to return to begin adding recipients. 

Upload a CSV Bulk Messaging List

  1. While adding your recipients in a bulk message (see step 7 in Send a Bulk Message), open the Bulk Messaging Lists tab 
  2. Click the Upload CSV icon
  3. Click Download Empty CSV
  4. Open the downloaded file on your computer and copy and paste your contacts (up to 5000) into the CSV. This must contain columns for First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number.
  5. Drag and drop the CSV saved with your contacts

    Note: If a contact cannot be messaged because they have opted out of messages or are duplicates, they will automatically be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to link text within body copy?

  • Yes you can send a URL. Whenever a link is pasted into the message, it will automatically shorten the URL so that it isn't blocked by our partners. We do not support external links in our text messages, which includes any link that has not been shortened automatically by when pasted into the message.

Can patients opt out of Bulk Messaging but still receive other texts from the office?

Can I undo or recover the Bulk Message I Canceled or Deleted?

  • You cannot undo or recover a Canceled or Deleted Bulk Message. If you just cancel a Bulk message you will be able to duplicate it to send. 

Are there templates to use for Bulk Messaging?

  • There are no templates, but you can duplicate a previously used bulk message.

What is considered and counted as a Failed message?

  • A failed message will be a Bulk Message sent to a mobile number that is opted in and failed to send. If a number has been opted out of receiving Bulk Messages it will not show in the recipients list, so it will not attempt to send and fail. If the number is a landline and it is the first time attempting to receive a bulk message it will show as a failed message. Once a landline has one failed attempt in receiving a bulk message it will not be considered a failed message again.  The failure of a message can vary. Look at the actual message thread of a recipient for the error.

Which number will the message be sent to?

  • The bulk message will by default send to the mobile number. If there is no mobile number the message attempt to send to the home phone number. 
Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues getting your Bulk Message to send? Try these steps:

  • Your text message brand registration should be completed for your phone number. Click here for more information on how to get your number registered. 
  • Try using the Weave Portal in Google Chrome

Having issues seeing patients to select as a recipient to send the Bulk Message to?

  • Make sure there is a mobile number in the mobile number field in the patient's profile. 


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