Make sure information sent through Digital Forms submissions is signed off before writing back to your practice management system with Provider Review. Learn more about setting up Provider Review.

Send a Form for Provider Review within the Legacy Desktop App

Follow the same instructions for sending any form within the legacy desktop app.

To make sure a submission is assigned to the correct provider for review, choose the corresponding appointment in the dropdown when sending the form. The reviewer and appointment status will appear below the dropdown.

If you don’t select an appointment or if appointment data is unavailable, the Forms Manager will be the default reviewer of the submission. They can reassign it to a provider later when the form is submitted.

Review a Form

Each Forms role has a different experience when reviewing submissions.

  • Forms Manager can review a submission, reassign a submission to be reviewed by a Forms Provider, and sync the reviewed submission to your practice management system.
  • Forms Providers can review assigned submissions by adding their signature and notes.
  • Team Members can perform a sync with the practice management system after a submission has been approved by a Forms Manager or Forms Provider. They cannot review any submissions.
Forms Manager Forms ProviderTeam Member

To begin reviewing submissions, open the Digital Forms Dashboard. Within the Inbox, you can click on Needs Review or look for the Needs Review tag on a submission.

Change the reviewer: 

  1. Open a submission marked as Needs Review
  2. Click the currently assigned reviewer underneath the patient information at the top of the page
  3. Choose the new reviewer from the dropdown 
  4. Click Change Approver

The form will appear in the Form Provider's submission list as Needs Review.

Review a submission: 

  1. Click on the icon_ needs review.svg Review icon on the right side of the page to view the writeback settings 
  2. Select Approve or Reject 
  3. Click Sync to write back the information to your practice management system

You can see all reviewed submissions in the Inbox by clicking on the Reviewed section. You can expand the menu and see only approved or rejected from there.

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