Every employee has different roles in the office so Weave has its own roles and permissions so the right people have access to the right features. 

Team Member Roles

Team Member Advanced Team Member

Team member role allows the user basic viewing and access to weave. We generally recommend starting here and adding on additional roles for increased access control. It includes the following features:

Note: Team members can only access the forms dashboard by going to forms.getweave.com.

  • Quickfill
  • Team chat 
  • Viewing call logs
  • Viewing reviews
  • Text and email blasts
  • Creating custom contacts
  • Create Text to Pay requests
  • Sending and receiving faxes 
  • Send review requests to customers
  • Sending and receiving text messages 
  • Viewing patient lists and associated histories
  • Sending forms and accessing forms dashboard
  • Viewing the schedule and editing confirmation status
  • Receiving and sending phone calls via softphone or physical phone
  • Editing automated reminders, recalls, and other automated messages

Admin Roles

Super Admin Member ManagerData Manager
This role will grant access to every feature, setting, and customization available. We recommend this be whoever is in charge of managing your business and Weave. You must always have at least one Super Admin, but you may have more.

Payment Roles

Payments and Billing Manager Payments User
Allows the management of stripe account setup, access to view invoices and billing info, refund payments, management of buy now pay later dashboard access, and data exporting for stripe.

Phones Roles

Phones Manager Phones UserMobile App Access
Allows members to manage advanced call and phone system setup. This role encompasses phone user, plus the following:
  • Phone tree setup
  • Set up Departments
  • Create and edit call groups
  • Modification of Call Queues
  • Allows a member to listen to and manage call recordings

Digital Form Roles

Forms Manager Forms Provider
Enables user access to manage the digital forms service, including editing, deleting and creating new templates.

Note: For offices with incompatible integrations or no integrations at all, Forms Managers can approve or reject submissions marked as Needs Review.

Data Analyst Role

This role can access Analytics Dashboards in the Weave Portal (Appointment, Phone, Message, Recall, Practice Analytics, and Call Intelligence).

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