Enabling Payment Write-backs

Weave now has the ability to automatically write back payments and refunds to your practice management system’s ledger whenever they are processed through Weave Payments.

Note: The availability of this feature is dependent on your practice management software and is currently only available for Open Dental customers.

Weave Payments features are only available to U.S. customers, and you must have the user role of Payment Admin to access the Stripe Dashboard. See your role.

Enable Payment Write-backs in the Weave Portal

  1. Login to the Weave Portal
  2. Click Pay.svg Payments from the left menu
  3. Select Settings from the dropdown
  4. In the Write Payments to Ledger section, toggle the button to on

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 3.13.35 PM.png

Once completed, payments and refunds processed through Weave Payments will be written back to your practice management system.


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