Learn how to require a provider's signature in order to write back the information in submitted forms to the patient record. Learn how to use Provider Review.  

Map a Provider

You must have the user role of Super Admin to access this feature. See your role.

Add special forms permissions to allow practitioners in your office to use Provider Review.

Digital Forms Dashboard Weave App (beta)
  1. Within the Digital Forms Dashboard, click Forms_Settings.svg Settings from the left navigation
  2. Select Provider Mapping
  3. Use the dropdowns next to each Weave User to choose the corresponding provider name synced from your system of record

    Note: Any names that are greyed out and tagged as “mapped” have already been used for a Forms Provider user. If a provider name is not shown, they don’t have any appointments scheduled in the practice management system.

  4. Select Save

Designate a Form or Packet for Provider Review

Next, you’ll need to choose which types of forms or packets need to be reviewed before being written back to your practice management system.

Digital Forms Dashboard Weave App (beta)
  1. Open the Digital Forms Dashboard
  2. Click Forms_Builder.svg Form Builder
  3. Within Forms or Packets, select the form or packet you would like to designate for Provider Review

    Note: Designating a packet for Provider Review does not designate each individual form. Only when the packet is sent will they require review unless you turn on Provider Review for each form individually.

  4. Click on the icon_ needs review.svg Review icon in the top right corner
  5. Within the pop-up, TOGGLEGIF.gif toggle on Needs Review

    Tip: If the icon_ needs review.svg icon is blue, the form is already marked for review

Once designated for Provider Review, the form will only sync with your practice management system after it’s approved.

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