• Check if Voicemail Override is enabled: Check in the Weave Portal, desktop app, or mobile app to ensure there is no scheduled Override turned on.
  • Check your Office HoursMake sure your Office Hours in your Weave Software Settings are set to Open. If your hours are set to closed, calls are routed to your voicemail box.
  • Check if Call Forwarding is turned on: If Call Forwarding is enabled, you will have a blue FWD flag at the top of your Weave Desktop App. To turn off Call Forwarding, click on the blue flag and toggle off Call Forwarding. 
  • Check to see if your internet is down: Do you have an internet connection on your computer? If not, then your internet is likely down. You can use downdetector.com to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 
  • Check if you can make outbound calls: If you can make calls, make sure your phone is included in the correct call flow, either through call groups or your Main Line & Departments setup.

For more information about troubleshooting phone issues, click here

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