If your phones are ringing properly, but you are experiencing poor call quality during your calls, consider these tips to troubleshoot:

  • Have you gotten any new hardware in your office like a router, modem, or a firewall? Be sure to have your IT rep configure your device using our Network Specs page.
  • Check to make sure the internet cables are securely plugged into the wall and to the handset. 
  • Check to make sure your internet provider is not experiencing issues. You can use downdetector.com to search for your internet provider and see if they are experiencing issues in your area. 
  • Check your internet speeds using speedtest.net. Keep in mind our internet speed requirements:
    Internet speed requirements
    Download Speed 1 Mbps per phone (minimum)
    Upload Speed 200 kbps per phone (minimum)

For more information about troubleshooting phone issues, click here

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