Quickly make and receive calls with your customers using the Weave Desktop App with Softphone.

This feature is currently in beta. Click here for early access to the softphone feature. After you submit the form, a member of the Weave team will contact you within 5 business days.

This feature is only available for U.S. customers.

Once Softphone has been added to your Weave bundle, an account admin must add the feature to individual users.

Getting Started

  • Confirm the e911 address every time you open the desktop app in order to use the Softphone function.
  • Within the dial pad, collapse or expand Softphone using the Collapse.svg Arrow in the top right corner. When minimizing during a call, you’ll still be able to see the call options.
  • Click the Settings.svg Settings icon in the bottom left corner to see your extension, adjust sound settings, turn on or off Do Not Disturb, and reload the softphone if you are having issues.

    Note: The sound settings will match the settings on your computer, including if you are using a headset. Make sure you are using either a computer or a headset with a mic and speakers.

Answer an Incoming Call

To answer an incoming call, select the Phone.svg Answer icon in Softphone or click Answer in the Call Pop notification.

Place a Call

  1. Select the Keypad copy.svg Dial Pad at the bottom of Softphone
  2. Click into the Dial box at the top to search for a contact, type or paste a number, select an office extension from the dropdown, or use the dial pad to enter a number

Note: You can still use the desktop app to begin a phone call through Phone, Patient/Customer, or Schedule

Actions within a Call

Click the End Call.svg End Call icon to end the call from any action within the Call Menu.

Transfer calls
  1. When you are on a call, select the Transfer.svg Transfer button in the top center
  2. Search the number or extension you would like to transfer the call to in the Dial box at the top of Softphone
  3. Choose a Warm or Blind transfer by clicking the corresponding button
    • Warm: Talk to the person you are transferring the call to before sending the call. You will be connected with the person you wish to transfer the call to, and then click Transfer when ready to complete the transfer
    • Blind: Send the call straight to the number
Hold a call

When on a call, select Pause.svgHold at the bottom left of the call menu.

Only you can answer your held calls by clicking the Pause.svgHold icon again.

Merge calls
  1. When you are on a call, select the Plus.svg Add icon in the bottom center of the call menu

    Note: You can only add calls through this icon. The Keypad action only is functional for interacting with an IVR during a call

  2. Search the number or extension you would like to add to the call to in the Dial box at the top of Softphone
  3. Choose to Swap Call.svg Swap between the calls or Merge Call.svg Merge the calls
  4. Select the Info.svg Information icon to see and end added calls, and click Cancel to return to the call menu

Note: As you add more numbers, call quality may be affected. We do not recommend adding more than three numbers to a single call.

Park a Call

Park allows anyone on your phone network to pick up the call.

  1. When you are on a call, select the Call Park.svg Park icon (the top left option in the call menu)
  2. Click the Park button next to the hold spot you would like to use
Answer Parked Calls
  • Select the Call Park.svg Parked Calls Menu at the bottom of Softphone
  • Click Answer next to the call you would like to continue

    Note: Each office includes only 3 park spots. If your office needs more park slots, please contact support.

Mute/Unmute a Call
Select the Mute.svg Mute button on the bottom right of the call menu to ensure your sound is turned off when needed during the call
Interact with an IVR
Click the Keypad copy.svg Keypad icon in the top right corner within the call to interact with an IVR. This keypad does not dial new numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have to input my location?

Every time you log in to the desktop app, you'll have to choose your location. The last location used or the default location set when creating the Softphone will automatically be filled in for your convenience. Weave cannot track your location, so make sure to choose the correct address that you are currently using the Softphone.

Can I use Softphone through the mobile app?

Currently, you cannot use Softphone through mobile.

Softphone is showing me an error that says to enable or allow access to my microphone. What do I do?

Go into your computer settings within the privacy or security section and make sure Weave is allowed to access your microphone. You may need to toggle off and on to make sure the computer is allowing access.

Can I continue to use my desk phone once I have Softphone enabled?

You can continue to use both Softphone and your deskphone with their own extensions. Call notifications will default to Softphone once it is enabled for a user. Please contact support if you would like to remove Softphone and sync your deskphone with the software again.

Will the contact directory in my deskphone be available in Softphone?

Currently, any contacts that are only found in your deskphone within the contact directory will not automatically transfer to your Weave account. Those numbers will need to be added as contacts through Weave. Other extensions on the network and patient numbers are automatically available on Softphone.

Can I make calls to numbers that are not contacts in Weave?

You can dial any number from Softphone. You can also copy and paste numbers if preferred.

What’s the difference between the General and Personal voicemail boxes?

The general voicemail box includes all voicemails that have been left through the main office number. Your personal includes all voicemails left using the extension of your Softphone. You cannot change your personal voicemail box through Softphone. Any messages left on your desk phone extension will not appear in your personal voicemail box once Softphone has been added to your user.

People say there’s too much background noise and they can’t hear me when I’m on the phone with them — how do I fix this?

To experience the best audio quality, you should use a noise-canceling mic or headset with the softphone.

Can I switch a call from my Softphone to my deskphone?

There is no way to automatically switch between phones, but you can transfer the call using the deskphone extension and pick it up on the other device.

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