Register your Text Messaging Brand through Weave

Mobile network operators (MNOs), such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile have implemented standards to register and validate businesses that send text messages. 

Please complete and submit the business information form in the Weave Portal to register your business’s brand. This allows your business to take advantage of increased messaging deliverability and throughput and avoid potential fees or disruption to texting services. 

You can learn more about brand registration here. To register: 

  1. Open the Weave Portal
  2. Click Settings.svg Account in the left navigation menu
  3. Choose Business Information from the dropdown
  4. Fill out the following information
  • Legal Business Name
  • Legal Business Address
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (IRS-issued Employee Identification Number or CRA-issued Business) Number
  • Primary Contact Information including an email, phone number, industry, and website address
  • Click Submit
  • It is important that the business information you enter exactly matches the information displayed on your official IRS- or CRA-issued documentation. If the information submitted does not match official records, a pop-up will ask you to manually verify or select suggested information and resubmit the form. Tips for locating your business information can be found here

    • If Weave finds public EIN records that do not match the information you’ve entered, the pop-up will display the information found. You will need to check the box “I have verified this information” and select Update and Resubmit.
    • If Weave finds multiple public EIN records that match your business, the pop-up will display each suggestion. Select the correct information and click Update and Resubmit.

    After submitting the form, a new page will show whether the verification was successful.

    Upon successful verification, the page will display the message “Your Information was successfully verified.” Your business is now all set for business text messaging. 

    Click Return to Form to see the information you’ve entered. Select Update Form to change any information and select Update

    If the business information could not be verified, the page will display the message “Your business information could not be verified. Double-check your business information and attempt again.” Click Return to Form to check that all the information is correct. You will have 2 failed verification attempts before you’ll need to contact support for assistance. 

    If the attempt fails more than twice, the page will display the message “You have exceeded the maximum number of failed attempts. Please contact support at or call 888-579-5668 to finish your registration.”

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