Steps to Take When Changing Your Practice Management System

Make sure your office continues running smoothly with Weave by checking that no information is lost and everything is still running as expected when you change management systems.

Setup Recall Reminders

If you change practice management systems with Weave, you’ll need to re-set up your Recall Reminders.

      1. Click the Hamburger_Menu.svg Menu in the upper right corner of the desktop app
      2. Select Settings.svg Settings
      3. Click Automated_Reminders.svg Auto Reminders
      4. Select Recall Reminders
      5. Click through each recall reminder that has a ! Warning icon next to the name. A pop-up on the Recall Types page will let you know which recall types are no longer valid

        Note: You may have recall types from your old practice management system with the same name as recall types in the new one. You will still need to set these Recall Reminders up again.

      6. Scroll below the pop-up and select the Recall Type(s) from your current integration(s) that you would like to include in this specific Recall Reminder
      7. Follow the steps to edit and save the reminder message
      8. Do this for each recall reminder you have set up with invalid recall types from the old management system

You will not need to do this with any new recall reminders you set up as long as you continue with the current practice management system(s).

Verify Your Data Source and Status Mapping

Follow the WeaveHelp article Data Owner Verification to make sure your data source (new practice management system) is connecting properly.

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