We get it . . . sometimes you just need a quick answer.  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  We hope you find what you are looking for here.  If not please feel free to email the Weave Training Department at training@getweave.com.              If we don't know the answer, we will find some that does!



How do I set up and record my voicemail greetings? Dial *86 from your Weave phone to record your greetings. Then log into your Admin Portal to manage and assign your voicemails to the proper time slot. CLICK HERE to be taken to our training video and printable instructions.

How can I listen to my recorded voicemail greetings?  Log into your Admin Portal and select your ‘Phone System’ from the left hand menu. CLICK HERE to learn more.

How can I change a voicemail greeting?  Watch this short training video or download the Phone Quick User Guide for written instructions.

What if I need to change my voicemail greeting when I am out of the office?  If you need to temporarily change your voicemail greeting, you can use Weave's Voicemail Override feature available in the Weave Mobile App.  Search for "Weave Communications" if you don't have the Weave Mobile App installed on your cell phone.  Once your mobile app is installed, go to your "Settings" and record a new voicemail greeting by using the "Voicemail Override" setting.

Why is the wrong voicemail playing? Your voicemail messages are controlled by the Weave Software Office Hours Setting. Check to make sure your office hours are correct. If they are correct, check to make sure your voicemail has been recorded in the proper location.

Once deleted, are the voicemails archived? No; on rare occasions we can retrieve general voicemails.



Why is my phone not working? For phone not working - here are a few reasons why a phone would not work. Internet outage, power outage, line unregistered error, or a red X on the screen. To save them time before reaching out to support, we would encourage them to either unplug the power to the phone, not the network cable or best results are to press and hold the numbers 1,3,0, for five seconds.

Is the hold music customizable? Yes. You can upload your own hold music by logging into your Admin Portal. Select the Phone System from the menu on the left and then select the Media Library from the dropdown menu. Here you can see any media files that have been uploaded and add new media files as desired. Once you have uploaded a new hold music media file, then initiate a live chat with support by clicking on the blue ‘CHAT’ bubble on the lower right hand side of your screen and request that your new media file be assigned as your hold music.

What happens in the event of an internet outage / what options do we have to try to keep the practice running? Turn on your call forwarding from your Weave Mobile App and call your office IT or internet provider.

My phone(s) can make calls, but can’t receive any. What’s wrong? Check to make sure your phone is not on Do Not Disturb. If your phone is on Do Not Disturb, you will have an icon flash in the upper right hand corner of your display screen that is a handset with a minus sign. Press the soft key labeled DND at the bottom of your display screen to toggle off the Do Not Disturb.

Can we set up ring groups so that only certain phones ring on incoming calls? Yes; contact your onboarding rep or customer support.

Why does my phone have static or is dropping calls? This normally indicates a problem with your internet connection. Contact your office IT professional to check your connection.

Can we have a different ring for transferred calls? Yes; contact your onboarding rep or customer support via the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of this screen.

Can we have a directory and speed dials programmed into the phones? Yes; contact your onboarding rep or customer support.


How do I change my office hours? Go to your Weave Software Settings. Select the Office Hours Setting. Click the pencil icon to edit hours. This function can also be done from your Weave Mobile App.

If hours change weekly, how do we manage it? You would need to change it weekly by going to your Office Hours Setting on your computer or your mobile app.

Does replying “Stop” to automated messages opt the patient out of messages? Yes, if they are on Twilio.

How do I add or delete a user? Watch this short training or select the instructions here. Contact support for further assistance.

How do I forward my phones? Go to your Weave Software Settings. Select the Phones Setting and enter a forwarding number and toggle the field on. FWD will appear at the top of your Weave software when call forwarding is on. Toggle off forwarding when you are ready for calls to ring into the office again.

Do you have email campaigns? These are in development right now! Click here to learn more.

Can I text someone that is not in my Practice Management Software? Yes, in the messages app. Just click the plus icon to start your text conversation.

Why are my Pop-ups not showing up? Check your “General” setting in the Weave Software. Make sure your Do Not Disturb is not turned on. If this is not the issue, re-sync your software by logging out and click on “link to your phone.”

Why are my patients/schedule not showing up? This means that Weave has been disconnected from your server. Please contact customer via the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner to resync your data.

How do I download the mobile app? Search your App Store or Google Play store for “Weave Communications” and download.

How do I install the software on a new computer? Click here to see a short training and download the installer for the client.


Can I make payments by check? No, we accept either Credit Card or ACH.

Do I have to setup a recurring payment? Yes, we do not have the capacity to take manual payments every month.

If we cancel will we receive a refund? Monthly No; if the account is cancelled during an open billing period, a refund will not be issued. Annual Yes, a refund will be issued as of the cancellation date on file for any remaining services.

Can we receive paper invoices? No, all invoices and billing details will be sent via e-mail.

Will we be notified of our upcoming annual billing? Yes, an email will be sent out the end of each month for the next months annual billing.

What is the 5% Taxes and Surcharge? This is a government regulated surcharge for VoIP telecommunications and E-911.