What are Family Reminders?

Family Reminders are the consolidation of multiple reminders that would send to one phone number for appointments happening on the same day.


  • Do I need to create new reminders just for Families?

    • No. Each reminder will send to Individuals and Families. There are now two templates (Individual and Family) per reminder.

  • Does Family Reminders work with my Practice Management Software?

    • Family Reminders are set to work with all of our integrated PMS’s

  • Will Family Reminders send a reminder to the child and parent if the child has its own phone number?

    • No. We will only send a reminder to the number on the patient profile.

  • Will a Family Reminder be sent to a parent if there is no number on the child’s profile?

    • No. We will only send a reminder if there is a number present, but we are looking at how to do this in the future.

  • If a patient as two appointments on the same day will this include the details of both appointments in the reminder?

    • No. At the moment we only send details for the earliest appointment.

  • What happens when only some of the patients want to confirm their appointments?

    • The response will be flagged in our schedule alerts and the offices can handle the confirmations manually.

  • Can offices turn this off?

    • Family Reminders cannot be turned off without contacting Weave support.

  • Do Family Reminders work with email reminders?

    • No, they do not at this time.

How things used to work

We have always encouraged our offices to put a contact number in the mobile field in order to be reminded of appointments. In the case of children, a parent’s number has typically been entered. Our system would then send 3 reminders separately for a parent and 2 kids coming in for appointments on the same day. If they attempted to confirm the appointments via text it would only confirm the appointment mentioned in the last message automatically.

How things work now

In the case of parent and 2 kids coming in on the same day, 1 reminder would send with 3 patient names, the date of the appointments, and the earliest start time included (can be changed to include all start times by editing the template and adding the “Appt Times” variable). When a patient sends a confirmation response to this reminder all appointments are confirmed.