Experiencing an emergency? Weave is here to help!

What to expect after clicking submit.

Initial contact with the customer will be made through a written ticket response, that is created through the emergency support request page. We have found, it is most effective to provide the customer with written instructions. We do this so we can provide possible step by step instructions, forward instructions on to other staff members or contact Internet Providers when necessary. Also, most phones outages are caused by loss of internet or power. If further communication is needed, we will contact the individual that created the ticket at the number provided.

Current customer?

We care more about our customers than any software company ever will. We offer free, 24/7 email customer support. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and we are here to help you in any way that we can.

For emergencies such as:

  • Power Outages

  • Phones Down

  • Changing Greetings

  • Changing after hours office contact

  • Building or Weather issues

Please, continue to fill out the form.

If this is for a request that is a non emergency, please click the following link. Non Emergency Support Link. We reserve the right to move any non emergency request to our general support queue.

For weather and building issues, such as power outages, please remember you can use our Voicemail Override option. Here is a link to the training. Voicemail Override Instructions

Also, to help save you time, the mobile app has many of the same features as the desktop client. This allows you to make changes from your mobile phone instead of having to come into the office to make changes. This could be a great resource to enable phone forwarding in the event that your office loses internet connectivity or phones in general. Here is a link to the Mobile App Training. Mobile App Training