Email Marketing Now in Beta!

Our new mass email tool for announcements and marketing is designed to be one of the easiest to use mass email tools ever! We are now allowing early access for offices that want to be part of our beta testing.

Watch our short training video below to see how to get started with your first email marketing campaign.

Trouble Shooting:

If you get an error when trying to upload a custom email CSV file please see the list for issues that can cause an upload error:

1. The file type is not .csv

2. The column with the email addresses does not say 'email'. it has to be exact. Not: eMail, EMAIL, e-mail, etc.

3. There is a column heading that is blank. Delete all columns except the email column. This is the only one you will need.

4. Your office logo has not been uploaded. Go to this link to update your logo: