How to modify my CSV file:


To protect your customer data, our customer support team will no longer be able to accept your CSV files. If you require assistance, our team may use a Bomgar session, but will require you to take the actions to upload the CSV file on your computer.

What is a CSV ?

A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file that contains a list of data organized in rows and columns. Excel files can be “saved as” a CSV. A CSV file is designated by the “.csv” file extension at the end of the file property (see visual example below). example Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file is below:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 12.57.49 PM.png
How do I upload a Custom Contacts CSV file?

Weave Help Training Video: You can watch a training video which explains how to upload a Custom Contacts CSV file, here.

Step-by-step Directions for how to upload a Custom Contacts CSV file:

  1. Export a CSV file of your patient or customer file from your PM, EHR, or CRM.

    1. If the export you get is not in a CSV format, you can save it to a CSV with these directions, here - Change an Excel file into a CSV file or Export Google Sheet to a CSV file: Video.

  2. Ensure the exported file contains the 4 Required Fields - Unique ID, First Name, Last Name, Primary (Mobile) Phone and any of the 3 Optional Fields - Home Phone, Office Phone, and Email.

  3. Ensure each column of your exported CSV file has a column header row (the first row of your CSV file that acts as a label and describes the data below it in that column).

  4. Save your export as a CSV file.

  5. Once you have saved the CSV file on your computer, go to your Weave Admin Portal. You can get to your Weave Admin Portal through one of the two ways listed below:

    • Open your Weave App. Click the down arrow to the right of your name at the top > click Settings > click User Management.

    • Go directly to your Weave Admin Portal, here.

  6. In the Admin Portal, select Custom Contacts from the menu on the left.

  7. Choose the CSV file you want to upload. You can choose the file you want to upload through one of the two ways listed below:

    • Drag and drop a CSV file from your desktop or other file location into the grey box with the text that says, Drag and Drop CSV file here.

    • Click Browse Files, then find and select your CSV file.

  8. Once you have chosen the file you want to upload, you should see a new mapping section where you can match your CSV file columns to your Weave data base fields.

  9. In the mapping section, choose the columns of your CSV file that you want to Match or Map (these are on the right) to the corresponding Weave Admin field (these are on the left).

    • Map the 4 Required Fields (upper four fields) - Unique ID, First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone (this field will accept/upload landlines, but landlines will not allow for SMS functionality).

    • If you choose, you can also map the 3 Optional Fields - Home Phone, Work Phone, Email Address.

  10. Once your Weave Admin fields are mapped to your CSV file column headers, click the button that says, Upload Contacts.

  11. A confirmation modal window will open, click Upload.

  12. If your CSV Upload is successful, you will see a message letting you know how customer rows were successfully loaded out of the total customer row count.

  13. If you have customer rows that failed to upload, use the Preview Section of the first 50 row errors (if you have 50 or more) to diagnose which of the 4 Required Fields are missing.

  14. Add any of the required missing data. Re-save your CSV and re-upload.

  15. To troubleshoot any upload issues, please go, here.

Where do I upload my CSV File?

The CSV Upload tool, called Custom Contacts is found in your Admin Portal. You can access the Admin Portal in two different ways:

  1. Through the Weave App

    • Open the Weave app

    • Click the down arrow to the right of your name

    • In the dropdown, click Settings

    • Click User Management

  2. Directly access the Admin portal, here:


If you encounter issues while trying to upload, please modify your CSV file with the solutions below, re-save your file to your computer, map your columns to the correct field, and upload again.

Column names don't show in the matching drop downs:
  • Ensure that each column you want to map has a header name in the CSV file. Columns without header names will not show up as a mappable column.

File failing/not uploading:

Possible Errors

(designated by a flag error message in the right upper corner of your browser window)

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 8.20.51 AM.png

Solution: Ensure all required fields (Unique ID, First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone) are mapped to a column in your CSV file

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 8.21.14 AM.png

Solution: Contact Weave customer support to have them check for and remove any potential sync app credentials.

Some contacts uploaded sucessffully, but not all:

Unsuccessful uploads will show a preview of the first 50 rows with errors (if it has 50+). Identify the issues in your file by going through the troubleshooting tips below. Update your file to fix any issues, then re-save and re-upload.

  • Are any of the rows missing these 4 required fields?

    1. Unique ID

    2. First Name

    3. Last Name

    4. Phone number - the upload tool will accept a contact as long as the contact has at least 1 phone number in one of the mapped phone columns - this is the case whether that number is in the mapped Mobile Phone, Home Phone, or Office Phone.

  • Are there any duplicate Unique IDs in the file?

    1. How to check for a duplicate ID in Google Sheets:

      1. Open your google sheets file (if your data is in Mac Numbers or Excel, you can copy all your data and paste it into a Google Sheets file)

      2. Select the column you are checking for duplicates

      3. Click Format

      4. Click Conditional formatting

      5. Click Add new rule

      6. Set Format cells if to: Custom formula is:

      7. Set value to: =countif(A:A,A1)>1

      8. Set the formatting style

      9. Ensure the range applies to your column (e.g., A1:A100).

      10. Done. Anything you write in the A1:A100 cells will be checked, and if there is a duplicate (occurs more than once) then it'll be colored. For multiple columns, use countifs.

  • Are fields that should be separate, in the same column? (e.g. First and Last Name in same column)

    1. Separate the data in a column with these instructions:

      1. Copy and paste all rows of data from your file into a Google spreadsheet.

      2. Highlight the data you wish to split

      3. Insert multiple extra empty columns to the right of the file you want to split (as the text from your chosen column separates into new columns to the right, it will override whatever text is in those columns until it has separated according to your chosen separator/delimiter; insert as many empty columns to the right as you think you will need with the instructions below).

        • How to Insert empty columns

          • Highlight the column next to where you want to insert a new column

          • Click Insert in the main Google Sheets toolbar

          • Choose Column Right

      4. Go to Data (upper toolbar)

      5. Click on “Split text to column”

      6. Choose the character you want to use to separate your data (comma, semicolon, period, space)

      7. Still unsure how to do it? Watch this video.

  • Remove any fields containing the word "null".

  • Reduce phone numbers to 10 digits. If phone numbers include our country code 1 (making them 11 digits with a 1 at the beginning), they should still upload.

Where do I get my CSV file?

(this section is continually being added to)
You can find the directions for how to export your CSV file in one of two ways:

  1. Contact the customer support team at the PMS, EHR, or CRM you use

  2. Search online for “how to export my customer list from {{{Insert: PMS, EHR, or CRM name}}}.

The export instructions for some software solutions are below:


1. From your MBO account, click on Reports >> Clients >> Mailing Lists.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 8.22.03 AM.png

2. The Mailers & Data Exports page contains a box that at the top of the report that you can use to generate a report and filter the results of the report. To export all the people in your MBO database, enter the following criteria for the report and then click on the Generate button:

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 8.22.23 AM.png

  • Under the title "Mailer Lists", you'll see a drop down menu that says "Email List". Change this to "Mailing List".

  • In the List Clients and Client's Opt-In Status field, select "All Clients". Leave all the other fields the same.

3. Once the report is generated, click on the green XLS icon to export the list to a CSV file and save it on your computer.


Click here to be taken download instructions.


1) Chat with The Digital Office Support Team

  • Go to the main website Navigation.

  • Click “Contact Us”.

  • Start web chat with TDO Support.

  • Tell TDO support that you need an export of your patients. Ask them to reference support ticket #314022 and run a similar query for your office (you will need TDO “Patient ID”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, and “Mobile Phone”. If available you can also have them export office phone, work phone and email address.) They will need to do a remote session to access your server and export your data on your behalf.

2) The TDO support team will add your exported report to your server.

3) On your personal workstation go to the “Start Menu”.

4) Click “Computer”

5) Click “Server Disk” (will be named specific to your office).

6) Click the file called “TDO Builds”.

7) Click “Custom Reports”.

8) Right click on the exported file icon and select “Open” (eg Patient List {{Your Office Name}}.xls).

9) Save the Excel file as a CSV file (Got to File > Save As > Choose file format “.csv (Comma Separated Value)”> Save.

Focus Ortho

1. Log into Focus Software

2. Go to the mailing list (this is next to your scheduling tab at the top center)

3. Select the Emails folder

4. Select the patients with email (2) option

5. Select the office name

6. Select all the patient status' that you'd like to include in your report

7. Select OK

8. Once your report populates use the column chooser to add/edit desired

options on your report. (Right click where it says patient number then

select column chooser. In the bottom right corner, a box will open that

says customization. Make your selection by clicking on and dragging your

selection to the top of the columns.)

9. Right click in the little box right next to where it says patient name and go

to export

10. Select export to Excel

11. Save your file in a place easy to locate. (I choose my desktop)

12. Open your saved file in Excel

13. Click on File, then go to save as

14. Name your document and use the drop down arrow to select the file type

that you'd like to save it as. I select- CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)

quick ceph

1. Login to your QuickCeph account.

2. Under tools on the left-hand side go to “Persons”.

3. At the top of the screen where it says “Canned Lists”, Click the drop down and select “Active Patients”.

4. In the middle of the screen you’ll see the options, "New, Delete, Show Related Patients, Merge Person, Retire, Export, and Print". Click on “Export”.

5. This will bring up a check list; go through and uncheck the information you do not want. At a minimum, you will need First Name, Last Name, Phone Number (preferably Mobile Phone), as well as Case # (this will be the unique ID) to upload a CSV file into Weave. Optional data fields for uploading to Weave include: Office Phone, Home Phone, and Email Address.

6. Once your desired data has been chosen, Click export and Save as a .CSV. (edited)

Curve Hero (Curve)

  1. Log into Curve Hero

  2. Click on the Menu to the right (hamburger menu/icon)

  3. Click on 'Report'

  4. Choose 'Patient Reports'

  5. Click 'Active Patients'

  6. Click 'CSV'