Automated Recall & Analytics

Weave can help you keep your chairs filled by sending out automated reminders to your overdue patients.  Customize your reminders to go out via text or email. Our Recall Analytics lets you know who your reminders were delivered to, any messages that were undeliverable, and which patients have scheduled an appointment after receiving their recall reminder.

Steps to set up recall reminders

1. Login to your Weave Software

2. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of your username

3. Click Settings

4. Click Data Sync

5. Under Recall Types to Use, toggle the switch to green for the appointments you want recall reminders to go out for

6. Click on the back arrow in the top left corner

7. Click Auto-Reminders

8. Click Recall Reminders

9. Hover over a reminder to edit, duplicate, or delete

10. Toggle on your recall reminders when you are ready for them to be sent out