Partners will introduce Customers to Weave and those Customers will be the “Qualified Referrals” of the Partner. To receive credit (and therefore payment) for providing a referral, Partners need to make sure that they meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be submitted to Weave either through Partner's own dedicated landing page or directly to the assigned Weave Sales Account Executive via email or a phone call. 
  • Must be submitted prior to completing a demo with the Weave sales team (unless it has exceeded 30 days since the demo.)
  • Must be submitted prior to payment, porting or use of the Weave system. 
  • Leads that meet these criteria will be protected for the partner for 90 days, during which time the office will need to close to become credited to the partner.

We have many competing lead sources and it is very important that Partners make sure their leads are coming to us through the appropriate channels at the appropriate time so that they can be paid for them.