How do you calculate Active Patients?

Active Patients are the patients that are (1) marked “Active” in you Practice Management Software and (2) have completed an appointment in the last 18 months.

Why does my active patient number change so frequently?

Active Patients will increase as you bring new patients into your practice or as you reschedule and see patients that haven’t been in the office in the last 18 months. Active patients will decrease as you mark patients as “Inactive, Archived, Deceased, etc” in you practice management software or if patients fall into the category of not being seen in 18 months.




What is Active Patients Scheduled Percentage?

Active Patients Scheduled is the percentage of your Active Patients that have any type of future appointment. The appointment type or procedure code that is attached the appointment will not impact your scheduled percentage.




Why is my Hygiene Reappointment Percentage 0%

We classify hygiene appointments based on the ADA procedure codes attached on the appointments. If your office is not attaching procedure codes to the future appointment, we will not be able to say if that patient was rescheduled specifically for a hygiene appointment. MAKE SURE TO ATTACH THOSE PROCEDURE CODES!




Why is my Cancellation Percentage so low?

It is important that you are following Open Dental’s process for cancelling an appointment. Ensure your office is “breaking” the Appointment and not “deleting” the appointment when a patient cancels. Cancellations in Weave are based on the ADA procedure codes being attached to the cancelled appointment (D9986-Missed and D9987-Cancelled). You can do this manually, however, we recommend automating the ADA code being attached when you break the appointment.

You can do this by ensuring the BROKEN APPOINTMENT PROCEDURE TYPES in Open Dental are turned to BOTH inside the Appointment Module Preferences. Click the link for more information: .  You can find more information on breaking appointment in Open Dental here:

How do you know when a patient’s cancelled appointment was rescheduled?

When an appointment is cancelled and you break the appointment, Weave logs the procedure codes that were on the broken appointment. A patients appointment is considered rescheduled when at least one of the procedure codes on the broken appointment is rescheduled in the future.