Here you will find several short 2-3 minute long training videos covering the different App's in the Weave Software. Click on the Menu item to the left you would like to learn more about.



Make Weave fit your needs perfectly by changing office hours, call-forwarding and more!


Phone App

Easily place, receive, and view call logs in the phone app.

  • Dial Pad - makes it easy to dial from your computer
  • Patients - is a comprehensive list of your patients with a click-to-dial functionality to save you any embarrassment from dialing the wrong number
  • Recents - see inbound, outbound, and missed calls in a concise list view
  • Voicemail - listen to your voicemails through your computer speakers or headphones

Messages App

Quickly communicate with patients to check in on them after a procedure and more in the Messages App.


  • Text Existing Patients - Press the plus button in the top left corner to add a conversation and search for the patient you want to text.
  • Text Non-Patients - Simply press the plus button in the top left corner of the app and type the number you want to text--press "Return" and type your message.

Email App

Easily find patient email addresses and template an email to them


Patients App

View summarized household information--giving a quick-view section on overdue appointments, upcoming appointments, collections, and birthdays.


Patient Details

Click into Last Visit or Next Visit field to view the patients appointment details. By popular demand the Patient ID # is now included on the patient details screen. Contact information, insurance, and balance due are all shown in an easy to read format by scrolling down.


List App

Easily view lists of overdue patients, upcoming birthdays, and more!


Automated Texts and Emails with Confirmation Writebacks

You can now confirm an appointment in WEAVE and by doing this it will also confirm the appointment in most practice management softwares. Enable our new Automated Confirmation feature now available with our Automated Reminders and WEAVE will automatically confirm appointments for you.


Schedule App

Send a friendly reminder to your patients about their appointments and help them never miss a cleaning again with day before, week before, and month before reminders.


Reviews App

The Reviews App allows you to instantly invite a patient to post an online review.  Captures and displays your online reviews as well as filters reviews for those you need to address privately.


Reports App

Quickly view your call reports, including call volume, missed calls, placed calls, etc. with the Reports App


Syncing Software

When you download the software for the first time it will prompt you to sync your software with your phones.  You may need to re-sync your software with the phones on occasion.



Weave Mobile App

Follow up with patients, view your schedule, adjust office hours from home with your Weave Mobile App.